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Hidden Refrigerator for Kitchens with A Clean and Minimal Look

We know how much you all love a contemporary and sleek kitchen, with not so many details when it comes to cabinets and drawers, but a lot of practical systems that make it work in such a wonderful way. How can you achieve this super clean look? Integrating modules with push systems that allow them to opt out of handles is a great approach, but we have found one even better: hidden refrigerators! Let’s learn a little bit more about this.

Appliances can sometimes create certain visual noise when it comes to a kitchen, being the only things exposed in such a perfectly curated space; and refrigerators tend to be one of the biggest, most disruptive items of them all! We have integrated this system to keep kitchens looking super clean and minimal.

How it works? First, we locate the best place for the refrigerator to be, considering dimensions and the overall layout of the kitchen. Then, after the selection of materials for the entire environment, we ‘cover’ the refrigerator front with the chosen melamines or lacques, and adapt it for optimal work.

Big Refrigerator? No problem! We have perfectioned this system to avoid any failures or damages, since one of the most used appliances inside a kitchen tends to be the fridge. It is important to keep the weight in mind, to adjust the front doors for the perfect fit, as well as a sleek opening. We can add handles for easy access, and for guests to identify it with no problem!

Want this clean and sleek look? This is your solution!