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Henzo Kitchen: Simplicity, Warmth and Harmony

Casa Panorama by Architect Andres Argudo is located on the outskirts of the city of Cuenca. The land in which it is located has a complex geometry that allowed the creation of a project with a unique character. The factors that characterize it are the lighting, purity, simplicity and sensation of spaciousness that each of its spaces transmit.

The volumetry of the project generates a fluid visual connection. From the spacious and harmonious dining room we can see the kitchen, and from it the views open to the east, where the perspectives of the Guagualzhumi hill are perceived.

The kitchen maintains the same philosophy of the architect in order to create a unique space and lifestyle for the users. Our Henzo kitchen line enriches the space with the choice of materiality. White lacquer and details of aluminum profiles that function as handles and give the kitchen a minimalist and contemporary look were used in the modules and on the island. The tall modules over the sink area and the refrigerator have reflective silver glass that contribute to the chromatic harmony.

It’s the balance between the volumetry of the project and the selection of noble materials that creates a pure and harmonious environment.