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Appliance Garage: An Accessory to Store and Hide Electrical Appliances

The kitchen is one of the most important places in the home. It is extremely important that this space is comfortable and pragmatic but at the same time preserves and contributes to the aesthetics of the house. For this reason, at Madeval we have garage appliances, a compartment-type accessory that will allow you to take advantage of every space in your kitchen.

We have three types of garage appliances. Today we will talk about this accessory that is installed on the backsplash of furniture.

The fitting raises the door vertically upwards and hides it in the tall cabinet. The pulley system that allows you to leave the static door in the place you want.

If you want this accessory in your kitchen, there are some things that must be taken into account when designing this space. It is a system that needs attention when implementing it, every little detail will result in the correct functioning of the accessory, that is why it is important to coordinate this space with the architect or builder. The fixture can be 1200-1800-2400 long and can have a depth between 16cm and 34cm as standard. It is essential to take into account the space for the kitchen counter when building the furniture.

The garage appliance is an ideal accessory to save space and organize your kitchen. This system will allow you to store and hide electrical appliances avoiding clutter.