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Appliance Garage for Auxiliary Furniture

In the last blog we shared with you a kitchen accessory to take advantage and increase the storage space in your kitchen, the garage appliances. Today we will tell you more about these accessories but with a variation. The garage appliance can be applied in your kitchen in several ways, one of which is inside auxiliary furniture.

What makes this an efficient accessory?


The appliance garage within the auxiliary furniture has a removable shelf that facilitates and makes the use of electrical appliances comfortable. With this system, visual noise and clutter are not a problem. By closing the doors of your kitchen shelves, the garage appliance hides and blends harmoniously with the environment.

For heavier appliances, there is the appliance garage accessory with a pull-out system. The low modules are a good option to gain storage space, however these are not usually very practical. This accessory allows you to take advantage of the low furniture thanks to the fitting that raises a surface where the appliance rests, it also functions as an additional work area. Forget lifting and moving heavy appliances, like a kitchen aid. This system supports up to 40kg.

Cooking is more comfortable and fun with this kitchen accessory.