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Fusion Line, Where Function and Design Go Hand in Hand

One of our main goals as space creators and designers is to keep our collections, projects, and lines innovative and functional. Our Fusion line is no exception: it intends to be a practical solution for an everyday space, reflecting in its looks a contemporary feel, with different textures and materials that create a balance between functionality and a good design.

Flexibility is key when it comes to a kitchen: versatility is what makes this space truly functional. Our kitchen island has features that reflect said flexible characteristics, since its countertop can slide to create more surface to work on, as well as a small casual dining area.

The extra countertop space works as an invisible stove, where the controls are hidden inside a drawer. This is a great solution for a clean look in the entire kitchen, as well as optimizing every single element inside the space, where one thing can work two different ways; a great way of transforming everyday elements into something unique and practical.

The main concept behind the line is the fusion between functionality and looks. Integrating gadgets and systems that solve every function of the kitchen, while still saving space and being beautiful, is what this line is all about. We like to keep the design with a traditional touch when it comes to this specific line, so we added handles to give the kitchen warmth, and create a small contrast between the clean-looking elements that compose the space.

The Fusion line creates a dynamic and modern environment, with a combination of colors, textures and volumes. This is where function and design go hand in hand.