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Eight Color Trends for Your Kitchen

Designing a kitchen based on temporary trends can be tricky. Such an important space inside your home must be eclectic and timeless, but also with its own touch of identity, and that somehow reflects your personality. The kitchen has the opportunity to be bold and risky, while keeping it cozy and ageless. How can you achieve this? We bring you some tips and examples to help you design a stylish kitchen.

One design strategy we are obsessed with is implementing bold colors with sleek, clean, and geometric cabinetry and furniture. A way to balance out the strong impact of a specific color choice is to make it the main character. Color is the kitchen’s identity, and disrupting that concept may cause chaos, or an overwhelming space. Clean volumes with handleless doors and drawers, and a neutral color to create harmony, is the perfect way to design a kitchen that reflects your style.

A simple way to make a statement through a color choice is a black kitchen; always elegant and contemporary, but with a little bit of mystery. We love a minimalistic feel when it comes to black kitchens, where accessories or materials can create contrast while maintaining the same color palette.

We all love a white kitchen, but how can we give it a twist to make it unique? A daring option is to add gold or copper accents that pop out inside this white canvas. It is a contemporary way to rethink the usual design proposal that involves a white kitchen. The fun thing is that you can choose how much shine you add into your kitchen; it could be some dainty accessories, or a whole kitchen module.

Last but not least, a green kitchen to truly stand out. The possibilities with a green kitchen are endless; from the different tones of green to the style you choose, you can always innovate and keep it fresh.

Are you up for a remodel with one of these options? We are obsessed with every single one of them!