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Drawers Under the Sink to Take Advantage of The Storage Space in Your Kitchen

At Madeval, we believe in the importance of the balance between aesthetics and functionality. We focus on innovating and bringing practicality to spaces through systems and accessories. For this, we think and analyze the spaces in which problems are commonly found, such as in the modules under the sink.

Traditionally, for reasons of usefulness and operability, we place kitchen cleaning products under the sink. Despite being common, most of the time, these spaces are uncomfortable. Due to the depth and low level, the products are stacked on top of each other and accumulate in the corners and in the depths of these modules.

To solve this problem, we propose drawers under the sink. Vertical storage is ideal for storing everything from cleaning products to kitchen utensils and avoiding visual contamination. This system adjusts to the dimensions of your kitchen counter, taking into account the space occupied by the faucet.

The drawers under the sink aim to make the use of these spaces more comfortable and practical. This system adjusts to the style and conditions and also works for bathrooms.