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Dekton In Our Dossier 2022

Our objective is to design practical, functional and timeless spaces, not only in terms of trends, but also in terms of durability. We choose materials and accessories that last and resist daily activities. At Madeval we recommend Dekton, by Cosentino, when designing your kitchen. Our 2022 Dossier includes some kitchen projects in which Dekton was used. Let’s review the possibilities and benefits of this material.


Dekton has different possibilities of use and finish. In the case of Casa Panorama, it was decided to use this material on the countertop of the kitchen island.


Unlike Casa Panorama, in Casa AF Cosentino Lunar Dekton was used throughout the kitchen island.

The selection of material maintains the functional purpose. The color selection maintains the elegant and sober aspect of this space.


For Casa Delbeck, Dekton by Cosentino was used for the kitchen island counter. In this design we chose to balance the gray Dekton with a wood type material that gives warmth to the white kitchen.

The kitchen island doubles as a food prep station, involving knives and forks. With Dekton you should not worry about the bumps and scratches that the material can suffer since it is extremely resistant.


When designing a kitchen, it is feared to choose clear materials that can stain and whose scratches and bumps can be visible to the naked eye. With Dekton you no longer have to worry about avoiding white in your kitchen.

The kitchen of Casa LR was designed as an important space in the house, it was thought of as an extension of the social area. Dekton Lunar from Cosentino was used, bringing a pop of color to this space and maintaining the purpose for which it was designed, as it is a stain-resistant material so you don’t have to worry about everyday splashes.


Inside Casa Illios it was decided to use Dekton Kreta by Cosentino for the kitchen counter.

The counter functions as a cooking and food preparation station. Dekton is resistant to high temperatures, so losing its shape or color with hot plates or pans is not something you should worry about.


In Casa AV it was decided to use Dekton Nilium as a countertop both in the kitchen island and in the counter.

Dekton is our main material choice. Being extremely resistant, cleaning stains or burns is not a problem. Thanks to its materiality, its cleaning is very simple and due to its resistance you should not worry about using cleaning products that deteriorate it.

Dekton provides practicality, functionality and durability, in addition, its different possibilities of use and finish make each project unique.