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Cuatro Line: When Traditional and Minimalist Merge.

Traditional kitchens with shaker style doors have existed for more than a decade and continue to be one of the most popular trends in kitchen design, however, a new trend has developed based on the shaker line. Our new Cuatro line is born taking as a starting point the traditional concept of the shaker, but with a slim shaker door, giving a more minimalist and lighter look.

The Cuatro line is ideal for mid-century look lovers, it is a clean and refined kitchen line, perfect for those who want some detail on the doors, but not as classic as the traditional shaker.

In this blog post we bring you a new kitchen we designed for the Cuenca showroom with the Cuatro line. The concept of this kitchen is to create contrast with the finishes of the cabinets and thus provide warmth and a minimalist and elegant look.

The materials used for this kitchen were a combination of lacquer and melamine. For the low cabinets we used galapagos lacquer and for the high cabinets we used a wood melamine. The nacar melamine and galapagos lacquer give it a fresh and sophisticated look.

In addition to these two materials that predominate in the cabinets, we used our graphite-colored metallic loft structures, which are open decorative elements that bring lightness to the design and allow us to place decorative objects or tableware. Textured glass is another new element that we have incorporated in our catalog, this one has a paneled texture. The glass is inside a graphite-colored aluminum frame, that with the handles of the base units and the loft structures incorporate black into the design and create a contrast with the clarity of the light blue lacquer and the nacar wood melamine.

This kitchen is the ideal option to give a pop of color to your design project with a modern touch, but without losing the classic feel that adapts very well to any home.