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Condiment Holders, A Life Changing Gadget.

When designing a kitchen it is essential to think about merging aesthetics and functionality, meaning a kitchen needs to have both visual appeal and functional aspects such as its spatial distribution and accessories. The challenge is to find a balance between the two premises to meet the user’s expectations.

In Madeval, we use a selection of accessories that make the most of every corner of your kitchen and one of them is our favorite accessory, the spice racks.

One of the characteristics that makes the condiment holders to become an essential tool when preparing food is its morphology. Its design is intended to ease the use of spices, so it is made with inclined internal divisions so the label of the condiments is always in sight of the user without having to manipulate them when it is not necessary.

Another advantage of the condiment racks is that they are removable accessories, they come with a base and handles making it easy to move them around the kitchen depending on where you need them, being always within reach of your hands. In addition, cleaning the drawer has never been easier with these accessories, since they are mobile and can be removed to clean the drawers without any problem.

Having a functional kitchen becomes an easy task when there exists these types of accessories helping complement the drawers and organize your life.