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Coffee Stations, A Compact and Versatile Space

For coffee lovers and those who love cozy spaces to spend time with loved ones, we have Coffee Stations. These spaces for the preparation of coffee make it more pleasant and give your kitchen a unique and elegant space.

There are different ways to include a coffee station in your kitchen, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and your space.

An unusual option is a coffee station made up of interconnected overhead furniture that will serve as storage. The built-in coffee maker in the cabinet will make this appliance go unnoticed with an elegant look. Our Appliance Garage system can be adapted to this, a removable shelf that will make preparing your drinks more comfortable.

For smaller spaces, taking up an open counter area is enough. You can choose a low or full height cabinet. This could also include a bar-type wine cellar.

If you are looking for a more discreet design, closed modules are a good option. How to incorporate this furniture without the doors overshadowing the modern style of your kitchen? You can opt for doors with black tinted glass or our pocket door system.

Designating and concentrating a particular purpose to a single space in your kitchen, such as coffee stands, is not only convenient, it can also add style and character to your kitchen.