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Casa Sierra, the Kitchen as the Focus of the Home

Located in the Challuabamba valley, 30 minutes from the city of Cuenca is Casa Sierra, an architectural design by Londoño Arquitectos. One factor that highlights the kitchen in this house is that it connects with all the social areas.

Upon entering, you are greeted by a cozy double-height lobby, dining room and main living room of the house. Behind the dining room, the steel pivot door hides the spacious kitchen.

This space is developed around a kitchen island that includes a cooking station and a dining space. The material palette generates a proposal that adjusts to the chromatic of the rest of the house. In addition, the different selection of materials follows the same aesthetic sense and, at the same time, divides the various seasons that may exist within a kitchen.

On one side of the dining room, a large stackable tempered glass window allows the integration of the social space with a porch-BBQ, generating a single environment and an interior-exterior relationship, allowing the vegetation and mountainous landscape of the Ecuadorian highlands to be integrated.

We love this kitchen proposal where this space connects with others and stands out as the focus of the house.