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Casa DC, Materials and Systems That Result In A Pragmatic Project

At Madeval, our mission is to turn each project into a comprehensive result, which responds to the specific needs and requirements of the client, always taking into account our motto of practicality and functionality. The kitchen at DC House is no exception. This space has a particular finish and contains a number of systems that provide greater comfort and functionality to the daily activities that occur in it.

The kitchen is much more than just a space for preparing food, it is the heart of the home. At Casa DC, the kitchen not only has a distinctive design, it has a series of systems that will make this space and your life more practical.

The selection of materials in this space generates a balance in the environment. The porcelain of the base units and the counter, together with the gales melamine and glossy chimborazo lacquer, create a warm, cozy and bright environment. The tall wall unit with black tinted glass brings dynamism and elegance to the project.

In this design, the kitchen island takes advantage of every inch. It works as a dining area and a service area with stoves. To keep the look clean and understated, discreet storage was chosen using a concealed paneled fridge. Another of the hidden systems that we can find are manual systems. These push systems are pieces with a soft touch and a cushioned closure, so you should not worry about damage caused by the collision of the material. In addition, when using the push system, handles can be dispensed with, maintaining the minimal trend.

Together, the materials, accessories and systems make the kitchen of Casa DC an integral and pragmatic project.