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Casa Bronzo by INAI Arquitectura in Cuenca

Located in a private neighbourhood and with a privileged view of the city of Cuenca is Bronzo, a house with lines and simple geometry located on an irregular terrain with a slight slope that defines the formal part of the house and allows for an inverse architectural distribution, meaning that the rooms are one level lower than the social area.

The warmth was an important aspect considering the cold climate and environment of the city of Cuenca. An important element that reinforces the warmth of the house is the presence of an olive tree inside that can be seen from all angles of the house and highlights the height of the roofs, creating a feeling of freedom in space.

The social area is the main component of the house. This studio unit combines living room, dining room, kitchen and terrace, in a single environment. A factor to take into account in these shared areas is the influence of light on the feeling of spaciousness and the attribution of character to each space. Being a single space, it is important that the kitchen works together with the other areas of the house, and also separately.

The kitchen contains a central island that extends throughout and functions as a service area and social area, thus integrating this space into the living/dining room. The integrated lighting of this accentuates it and gives warmth to the environment, as does the selection of finishes. Havana lacquer and beige high-gloss lacquer were used for the kitchen island and both high and low modules, and were also combined with black tinted glass that conveys elegance.

At Madeval, the passion for design is what motivates us and is what allows us to make each project unique.