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Black Is Not the Only Alternative for A Kitchen with A Touch of Personality

Black is not the only alternative to choose if you are looking to give your kitchen a touch of personality. Dark tones bring sophistication to any environment, which is why gray kitchens have become one of the latest trends in interior design and decoration.

Gray is related to versatility, turning kitchens that use it into elegant and unique contemporary spaces. In this blog post we show you a selection of kitchens where gray is the key element in the design.

One of the advantages of using this color is that due to its versatility, it allows us to modify its intensity by regulating its prominence. Two of the kitchens where gray is the main character of the space belong to our showrooms in Quito and Houston; using this color for the shelves, as well as the kitchen island, providing them with a minimalist style.

Now, if what you are looking for is to combine colors without losing the effortless and elegant essence, incorporating white into the kitchen design is a must. White and gray kitchens allow the sophistication of dark tones to be harmonized with the luminosity of light colors. The possibilities are endless, as you can see below.

One of the options is a white kitchen with a gray countertop, like the one designed by the architect Belisario Palacios and Studio ADD. In these cases, both the kitchen counter and the island counter in a gray tone create a contrast with the white of the shelves, providing harmony and character in the design.

Another example of this combination is the Nuvole House by Inai Arquitectura, where light tones are placed on the upper shelves, as well as on the counter and backsplash in the background, which are complemented by the gray of the secondary modules and the gray countertop of the island, creating a balanced and elegant space.

And if what you are looking for is to also incorporate textures, gray and white kitchens with a touch of wood melamine are a classic that never fails. This combination, found at one of Uribe Schwarzkopf and Diez + Muller projects, the wooden elements create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. In both kitchens, the use of some elements in wood tones are enough for the design to transform and become more welcoming.

Gray is here to stay and thanks to its versatile shade it is the favorite of many when it comes to incorporating it into kitchens.