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Banda, A New Line that Solves Everything

While working everyday with numerous clients and families, we identified that one of the biggest problems they have is the lack of storage space. With time, we tend to accumulate more things: clothing items, accessories and house-related items. We have worked very hard in developing a new line that solves everything, while still being emblematically beautiful: meet our new Banda line!

What makes our new Banda line so special? We have worked on a system that makes it easier to reach upper storage spaces, to not only store big things like travel bags or boxes, but to actually hang clothing items! This system has a foldable rack that can be pulled down to a lower level, so it is perfect for outerwear, jackets, or special clothing items for specific seasons.

This system also helps with the overall look of the walk-in-closet, since the modules place themselves from floor to ceiling; which always makes the space look well distributed.

We also worked on developing beautiful and practical details for a clean look. To avoid handles, but still keep an easy way for opening the doors, we added a small aluminum detail along the doors that defines every module and works as a handle as well.

How can you combine this system with different materials and finishes? We love how reflective or tinted-glass modules look with this sleek aluminum detail along the whole front doors. Adding small niches to keep special accessories or decorative elements can be a unique touch, and can add some dimension to the whole closet configuration.