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Back to Black! Ten Black Kitchens You Can´t Miss

It is a fact that black is an on-trend color that will never go out of style, thanks to the elegance it communicates. This is why we have selected 10 of our black kitchens that perfectly adjust to our clients’ different styles and personalities.

Rosanero Kitchen – Jannina Cabal

A pretty bold, but definitely trendy proposal is to use it all over the kitchen: from the countertop to the modules. El Ingenio House is one of those cases, in which black takes the spotlight, and presents itself through different materials with glossy and matte finishes to create nuances.

El Ingenio House – Carolina Salazar – by Madeval

In other cases, black is used in combination with colors within the same range, which is the case in the Nuvole House by Inai Arquitectura, as well as our #MadevalDuo kitchen in our Showroom located in Houston. Through this concept, monochromatic atmospheres with intermediate colors that help with transitions are created. By incorporating metallic or gold details, you can get a chic, contemporary look on your kitchen.

Nuvole House- INAI Arquitectura

Madeval´s Showroom – Houston

A pop of color! A very on-trend idea in every design level. All-black with a touch of white: a great option to create some contrast, as you can see in our #MadevalMozione kitchen, from our Showroom in Guayaquil. Another example is our kitchen design for Paola Caicedo’s Casa Del Árbol, which incorporates white modules to lighten the space, and to make it wider. This combination generates minimalist and modern atmospheres, a great option if you are not fully committed to an all-white kitchen.

Madeval´s Showroom – Guayaquil – by Madeval

Tree House – Paola Caicedo – by Madeval

Finally, combining black with shiny details, and dark wood, will always be a great choice. This is an interesting trend that can create a warm ambience. This is one of the favorite trends of Paúl Vásquez, from Inai Arquitectura. His kitchen designs achieve a level of unique elegance, with a light-colored countertop and backsplash.

Inai Arquitectura – by Madeval

Island House Inai Arquitectura – by Madeval

PY House Inai Arquitectura – by Madeval

In every single case, this intense and versatile color is able to achieve an integrating sensation, and be the perfect match with many other materials.

What do you think? Would you go for a black kitchen?