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Back to basics! The Traditionality and Functionality of Closed Kitchens

Return to basics! In recent years, open or semi-open kitchens have gained popularity, however, the tradition and practice of closed kitchens make them an excellent option to integrate into your home. We continue to explore the advantages of closed kitchens and the design possibilities that we have developed at Madeval.

Closed kitchens function as limits to allow the rest of your home to eat and the odors that may be generated when cooking. To complement this, an extractor hood can be placed on the kitchen island, which does not generate visual pollution.

Closed kitchens make this space free of distractions and allow for more efficient organization and an intimate and practical culinary experience. For a more undesirable and convenient look, you can optimize space by using kitchen island modules as storage.

As an independent space, your closed kitchen can have a decorative style totally different from the rest of the house and definitively hide the inevitable mess that will arise when preparing food.

If you guarantee your independence, these spaces function as more than a kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of home; it is where families and friends gather to spend quality time, therefore, it is a common point. Your closed kitchen, beyond its dimensions, can bring together the different spaces that are the protagonists of family time, such as a kitchen counter with a cooking area and a simple dining room.

Closed kitchens respond to the needs of their users, their habitability, and their lifestyle. Despite the traditionality of these spaces, by choosing a closed kitchen, you can give your home not only a space to cook but also a refuge to spend time with your family.