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Architecture Must Fit In with Its Surroundings and Transform the Context In Which It Is Placed

La Casa de la Colina by Inai Arquitectura is a residential project with a panoramic view of the city of Cuenca. In this blog post we tell you a little about how the kitchen merges with the house, following the formal and aesthetic language of the designer.

Materials such as exposed brick, wood and concrete bring warmth and harmony to this residential project. Wood details are found both on the exterior and interior of the entire project, marking circulations and details of the roof. The choice of materiality in the kitchen responds to the visual perception of the whole, which are the rest of the areas of the house with the kitchen.

The concept of the kitchen of the Casa de la Colina revolves around the purity of its lines and finishes. The organization of the kitchen is based on two clearly differentiated axes, the central island where the cooking and food preparation activities take place and the axis behind the island where the washing area, the food storage and refrigeration are condensed.

The white lacquer is the ideal finish for all the furniture because what was sought within the design of the kitchen is not to overshadow the materiality of the house and make it unite with the white walls forming a whole, light and compact object.

There are several aspects that make this kitchen a functional and aesthetic space. The kitchen design fits the client’s lifestyle and at the same time respects the language of the architecture that contains it.