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All the Details that Make the Kitchen from LR House A Spectacle

We are obsessed with this kitchen. LR House is a residence located in Samborondón, Ecuador. A project with a classic and timeless style. The interior design, made by FM Studio, sought to create through a combination of finishes and furniture, unique atmospheres in each space of the house. In this blog post we tell you a little more about the LR House kitchen and all the details that make this kitchen a spectacle wherever you see it.

Let’s start by talking about the spatial distribution of the kitchen. At Madeval one of our principles is to give our clients a beautiful, but above all functional kitchen. The washing area is located in the center of the kitchen next to the cooking area, making it easy to move between the two areas when starting to cook. The refrigeration area and oven are located on the right side of the kitchen and on the left side are the TV area with a coffee station framed within auxiliary modules up to the ceiling. The kitchen has an island that connects all the spaces and becomes one of the protagonists of the space for its L-shape and also serves as a dining area by having some modules of lower height that function as a low seating area with a table next to them.

In terms of materiality, the wall units and TV area are metallic pearl lacquer and the modules of the island are made with ultra matte black and our Duo line. The base units are made of gales melamine and for the glass door cabinets we used our onyx glass that blends perfectly with the black color of the island and the backsplash and the hood. The choice of colors is adapted to the concept of elegance and timelessness that we wanted to convey: a dream kitchen!