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Accessories to Take Full Advantage of your Closet

When designing comfortable spaces, in addition to aesthetics, functionality is key. At Madeval we seek to innovate your home, always taking its practicality into account, which is why we have a closet accessory that, in addition to being effective, adds to the attractiveness of your spaces.

This closet accessory makes maximum use of space and keeps the look clean. This system, being of removable shelves, makes full use of the depth of your space. It is ideal for open closets that are incorporated into a room since, being located in the lower part, it stores shoes without being observed with the naked eye, preserving the clean appearance of your space and avoiding generating visual noise.

An advantage of the removable shelves is their easy opening system. The accessory can be opened and closed with the foot, simplifying the use of low spaces.

This cabinet accessory simplifies your life and adds to the practicality of your home. The removable shelves system can be adapted to the spaces according to the needs of each user. In what other ways do you think it can be implemented?