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Accessories Inside Drawers Allow Us to Create A Balance Between The Aesthetics and The Functionality of Our Kitchens

Aesthetics and functionality are the best duo when creating a kitchen. One of our mantras when conceptualizing the design of a kitchen is to have a balance between these two parameters, a kitchen should not only look good on the outside but keep its looks and at the same time be completely practical and functional.

To achieve functionality within a kitchen we have a variety of accessories inside the drawers of the modules in all our lines. One of our major suppliers is BLUM accessories, from Austria, which meet the quality criteria that we guarantee to our customers. In this blog entry we show you three of the accessories we offer to make the most of every space in your kitchen.

One of the accessories that make cooking time easier are the removable condiment holders, these elements which are also organizers allow you to easily classify the spices and also allow you to read the labels easily due to its inclined design. There are removable condiment holders for all the kitchen lines that we offer and they are placed inside the drawer next to the cooking stove, which helps to provide a comfortable access at the time of preparing your favorite dish.

Cutlery trays are other accessories that contribute to the functionality of your kitchen. They come in different sizes to adapt to the width of the drawers and also in different materials according to your needs. The important thing is that they keep your kitchen utensils tidy at all times. For large modules there are also longitudinal and transversal dividers to maximize the space of the drawers, in them you can place pots and pans of different sizes.

One of our favorite accessories is the U-shaped drawer with dividers, this module is used under sinks specifically on the sides of the sink well and thus allows you to make maximum use of the space.

In Madeval we create kitchens with the latest trends in finishes, systems and colors always taking into account the practicality of the spaces and thus create a harmony between looks and functionality.