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A Reinterpretation of The Traditional Kitchen

Over the years, traditional kitchens have become a transcendental design that lasts through time. In this blog post we show you a selection of traditional kitchens and some of their characteristics.

Neutral colors and routing on doors

One of the main features of traditional kitchens is the central routing on the doors of the cabinets, giving a classic look to the kitchen. Another feature is the neutral and subtle color scheme used on the cabinets, warm or cool neutral colors are perfect to reflect the traditional and timeless style.

Traditional with a pop of color

If you are looking for a kitchen with a traditional look, but you are worried about not following the latest trends, we recommend opting for a bold color such as green or blue for the cabinets, giving a touch of freshness and personality to your kitchen.

Mouldings and kitchen hoods

The moldings on the top of the units are a symbol of classic style, in white kitchens that reach up to the top of the roof, mouldings create a feeling of spaciousness and openness. Give it a modern touch by using chrome fixtures.

Just as minimalist kitchens are based on the purity of their lines, traditional kitchens take special attention to detail. If you are a lover of the traditional, but want to give a contemporary touch to your kitchen, you can simplify certain elements and give it a trendy and modern twist.