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A Perfect Combination of Classic and Industrial

Two styles that could be considered opposites, when united they complement each other resulting in a design with great aesthetics and personality. In this blog post we will talk about the kitchen of our showroom in Houston. This kitchen responds to our Shaker lines, with a classic style and the Loft line with a fresher and industrial look.

This kitchen has two concepts that are reflected both in the materiality of its finishes and in the choice of its styles. Traditional style kitchens have existed for a decade and are one of the favorites when designing a kitchen, however, this time we decided to incorporate one of our more contemporary lines. This kitchen is a fusion of the Shaker line with its classic shaker doors and the Loft line with its metallic structures.

As for the spatial configuration, one of the most important points of this kitchen is the zoning of areas, the open front and rear. The front area has 3 zones clearly differentiated by the activity they perform, the part of the peninsula consolidates the cooking area and the breakfast area, two activities that together enhance social interaction in a kitchen. The adjacent part of the peninsula involves the sink area and finally the opposite side of the cooking area has a series of auxiliary shaker doors that serve as a transition to the back of the kitchen and sliding upper doors hiding decorative interior shelves with loft structure.

The green pine lacquer adds a contemporary touch to the kitchen while the gold accents of the loft structures along with the handles of the cabinets preserve the classic element and add a touch of elegance. The gales melamine is part of the kitchen in the details and brings warmth to it.

The combination of the selection of materials and finishes plus the spatial distribution and the mix of lines achieves a space full of personality, different and unique in your home.