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A New York Style Apartment with An Industrial Atmosphere

Apartment 1401 by Chávez Arquitectos seeks to create an industrial atmosphere and integrate the different areas within it. With a loft and industrial concept, the apartment has special attention to the social areas.

The areas are redistributed giving prominence to the kitchen, with an open kitchen concept, the kitchen opens its doors to the living room and dining area. A mix of light and wood colors were used to create a contrast and generate a warm and cozy atmosphere. The kitchen has a minimalist and sober look, with closed cabinets except for a decorative module that integrates the rest of the zones and works as a transition element. The sink area is concentrated on the back wall framed by a tower of auxiliary cabinets that serves as a pantry and the microwave and oven cabinet. The cooking area is concentrated in the peninsula, which works as a breakfast area and a social gathering center.

Hidden sliding doors split the apartment into two clearly differentiated areas, the social and the private area. Within the private area is the master bedroom where the bed was displaced to the center of the space and a floor-to-ceiling bed backing creates a dividing paneling that leads to the walk-in closet. A group of open auxiliary modules from our Cubik line with led lighting both in the upper part and in the hanging tubes.

This apartment is a great example of loft style and contemporary interior design.