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A Look at Our Wardrobe Designs of 2021

Kitchens are our thing. It is something we love designing and creating. But we also have a passion for closet design. Keeping your clothes in a perfect display, where you can easily organize your things in a simpler, more practical way is something very important inside any closet. In Madeval, we have the ideal systems for designing a beautiful and functional closet.

One main trait inside a good closet is visual order. A clear hierarchy between every single module is key for keeping things organized, as well as finding every item easily. A rack for shoes, nooks for purses and bags, and specific drawers with divisions for ties or even jewelry, it all depends on the needs and items that a client has.

We think that lighting is what truly makes a difference, since it shows the true colors of every clothing item and accessory, as well as framing the impressive details of our materials and systems. This also helps with functionality, which is something we aim to achieve in every single one of our products and designs: simplifying your life.

When it comes to closets, we know that needs can change: from more storage space, to opening up nooks for storing bigger items, you can transform your closet thanks to our removable shelves. Adaptability is one of the main things we seek to achieve for such an important space inside your home. We have managed to solve how to store everything in a closet, while keeping things in place.

What makes Madeval closets a true beauty? Our see-through doors with automatic lighting, our special drawers for smaller pieces, and beautiful materials that are durable; we have managed to solve how to store everything in a closet, while keeping things in place.