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A Kitchen with The Balance Between Cold and Warm Colors

Cold and warm? A kitchen that has the perfect balance of colors to make it a cozy and aesthetically charming refuge.

At first glance, in the kitchen, you can see a Matte Taupe melamine contour whose modules blend into the context due to the color and simplicity of the material.

The brightness of the Matte Taupe is stabilized with the warmth of three elements, the Cinnamon American Oak Veneer breakfast bar, the black aluminum and Onix glass doors, and the Caramel Poro Melamine tall modules.

A small disruptive window generates a cut between the materiality and the exterior and invites light to enter. Its proportions aim to increase the spatial sensation.

The island immediately steals attention upon entering the kitchen due to its location within the space. Despite combining three materials, its aesthetics are not overwhelming since, at first glance it is perceived as a single volume. The double level distinguishes the breakfast area from the cooking area.

The proper selection of materials and colors is what creates a balanced and visually captivating space. The key is harmonious contrast: the way cool and warm tones intertwine to form a palette that transcends the practical function of the kitchen.