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A Kitchen that Meets The Needs of The User in A Functional Way

Every residential project has a different proposal for the kitchen area, depending on the architectural style of the home, and if it is considered to keep the same aesthetic, or opt for a more disruptive design related to its context. The Parallelogram House seeks to show a contemporary style, with no ornaments, and a sober color scheme inside the kitchen, that at the same time solves the functional needs of the owners. Let’s explore more about its concept.

The contemporary design behind the Parallelogram House is shown through its clean volumes with marked angles that aim to create covered areas, as well as spaces that relate directly to the outdoors. The designers achieved transparency in the project through the installation of floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors, creating a direct connection with the natural context. The project’s color scheme and materials hold a strong relation with the minimalist and sober design that was conceived.

The kitchen does not stray too far from the traits mentioned above, mainly when looking for a clean look and purity of volumes. The tall shelves, without ornaments or handles, are unified through color, an off-white that reflects the natural light that enters through the rear facade, reflecting natural lighting. This handle-less design is solved through Madeval’s characteristic systems; through fittings that with a simple push, manage to open by themselves.

The kitchen creates contrast with its color composition by introducing certain elements and details in wood, and black metal structures. The kitchen island combines these elements with the color scheme, being the element within the space that sums up all the tones and textures of this incredible project.

The outdoor kitchen, or barbecue, seeks to stand out within the pergola where it is located, with a darker color scheme, which gives it a touch of elegance despite being a more social and dynamic space. Since the barbecue is an annex to the main kitchen, it includes summarized functions of a complete kitchen. At Madeval we seek to work with materials that are resistant to the different factors that can affect certain materials, which makes them last over time when they are in outdoor spaces.

Every kitchen responds to an aesthetic proposal from the designer and the users, always seeking that the result meets the needs of the user in a functional way.