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A Classic Kitchen with Contemporary Style.

If we had to choose two words to describe this Gardano Al Campo kitchen, built by Arkitrust, it would be classic and timeless. You’ve probably heard of classic kitchens many times, but what are their characteristics?

Neutral colors were chosen for this kitchen, with the exception of the kitchen island, whose Pine-colored lacquer provides contemporaneity. The melamine in Luna color, found in the modules throughout the kitchen, is the material that stands out. For the interior sculpture of both, we opted for melamine in RH Gris Co tone.

The classicity of the moldings of the suspended shelves is balanced with the contemporaneity of the bronze glass shelves. Classicity is also manifested in small details that add personality to your kitchen, for example, the light oak veneer located inside the glass modules gives a feeling of greater depth. Despite being within the same space, the light oak on the shelves delimits this station.

When designing a space it is also important to consider functionality. At Madeval we carefully choose every last detail. The gray aluminum plinth located between the floor and the base units gives greater durability to your kitchen as it protects the modules from water and dirt. Likewise, we placed the Blum Plus rail system on the furniture for greater functionality and user comfort.

The Gardano Al Campo kitchen demonstrates how these classic spaces can be simple and timeless without being boring with the help of contemporary elements that provide style and personality.