• A new face for a company with decades of tradition.
    We are happy to bring forth new products
    exciting new styles and all with
    our special brand of service.
  • Henzo Kitchen celebrated with elegant and innovate design.
    Henzo accomplishes this look by using simple design solutions
    to eliminate handles from the doors to create a modern environment
    with a bold personality.
  • Duo Kitchen Duo’s beauty is born from the juxtaposition
    of two distinct volumetric elements uninterrupted
    by handles and whimsical details.
  • Vitra Kitchen A kitchen design evolved for today’s modern and fast
    paced world – the Vitra blurs the boundary between
    kitchen and living space to create a cohesive
    contemporary home aesthetic.
  • Cubik Designed to impose a rigorous visual regularity,
    Cubik adds order and structure to your closet and
    brings out the inherent beauty of an otherwise
    overlooked space.

Modular Cabinet Design

At Madeval, we understand that every client has a unique story. They desire different aesthetics and demand functionality fit to their lifestyles. This is why at Madeval we have learned to listen — to celebrate these differences. By doing so, we can help our clients tell their story and create a home environment that is not only unique but perfectly suited to their needs. We have two categories to choose from,modern and transitional. 




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